My name is Maksims, chosen nickname is smokes his fag (british slang for a cigarette). The story of the nickname is quite complex and somewhat related to lore of the Fallout universe.

I quite enjoy philosophy, coding, sometimes (albeit rarely) politics. this website is a repository for everything that I do/create.

here are some things i’ve seen and done, as proof of my competence in some topics

3rd place in Latvian Philosophy Olympiad; furthermore a participation as part of the delegation of Latvia in IPO2018 in montenegro

2nd place in School Scientific paper conference (Riga level) on Computer Science

owned a 25k sub (at the time) YouTube channel, dedicated to minecraft (lol)

lead a philosophy club in my gymnasium (before I graduated)

wrote my first program when I was 11

made the best android game to be released on Play Store (no longer available)

made some MCPE maps which some guy liked

best orator in committee at MUNESCO 2018 in Yuri

lived through a case of pure ocd (i’m better now thanks)